Our Namesake

Aspen Trees grow through a networked system of roots in groves together. It’s this connection that helps them thrive in the environments where they are located.

Labs are spaces where experimentation and learning occur. It’s a place where scientists go with a burning question and use processes, tools and equipment at their disposal to chip away at their challenge.


At Aspen Labs, we are


field savvy & research-based

We blend thousands of hours of in-the-field design and innovation development with a deep understanding of the research and science backing it. We’ve developed infrastructures such as innovation labs, internal design teams, and training programs to make it real and make it stick.


growing creativity and cultivating innovation

Change and innovation is catalyzed through individuals and teams.  We model how it’s done so you can eventually lead in your own organization, unleashing creativity with real approaches and methods that work.  We connect people people back to real purpose.


gathering insights and testing assumptions

People are interesting and unpredictable. We use a blend of methods from design, change management, innovation science and business process to help you see the experiences of your users, stakeholders and employees with fresh and open eyes.

The Team


Christi Zuber, PhD

Founder and Managing Director

The Founder and Managing Director of Aspen Labs, Christi is an unusual mix of the science and practice of design, proven innovation leadership and team building, and a roll up your sleeves field tester of ideas. She is deeply curious about people, committed to social good and joy in the workplace and truly, a life long learner.