Designed for small teams or groups, learning experiences [why they're great and what ppl get out of it.]


Co-Design Workshop

An experience for employees and customers for live generation of insights and customer experiences.

1 day,  25 participants, 8 customers


Analogous Industry Field Trip

Experience up to 3 other industries or business and receive a synthesis of findings.

1 day, up to 30 participants


Storytelling Session

Learn from others during a 2 hour storytelling session of experiences and actual case studies in design thinking from across industries. Includes a Q&A.

2 hour virtual session, unlimited participants


Topic-Based Research + Discussion

Create innovation catalysts within your own organization.

Freshen up your thinking. Request a research overview on segment of innovation, creativity, change agent or design thinking topic to include 3 page overview, links to 5-10 suggested articles and 2 hour virtual discussion of findings.

3 page written overview, 2 hour virtual discussion, unlimited participants